Friday, June 06, 2014

Old School 40k (Laserburn) miniatures using the USEME rules

Playing a game using some warhammer 40, er.... laserburn miniatures. Trying out the useme rules system two weeks ago with my brother Ed. What you see are 15mm gangers (necromunda types) and imperial troopers (not ig or space marines but powered armor imperial troopers). The ones with the black helmet are called black guard. Elites in the imperium. The miniatures are from the 80s and for a game called laserburn which was basically the precursor to 40k.


commissar80 said...

Hey i recognize thoses buildings. What was the final outcome of the game?

sgtobidiah said...

The Imperium lost too many troops and fell back to regroup. A victory for the gangers.