Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Old Glory Female Pirate of the Month

Not a big update but i had to get a quick paint job on this fig just to see what i could do with it. I think it came out pretty well. There are some rough areas on the sculpt but it isn't too bad a fig especially for a free one :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

My First Rebelminis Paints

Here are my First Paints of some Rebelminis stuff. Altogether nice stuff and i've been on a bit of a 15mm kick lately so these are helping to quench that for me :)

This is one of their Grav Tanks and i must say it's quite a nice sculpt. I went with a woodland camo scheme and accentuated the edges with some tan to show wear.
These have to be some of the most detailed 15mm i have ever painted! I felt i had to try and give them as much detail as i could even though they were small. Here are the gang member figs.
I went with a subtle color scheme for the spy. black /grey and for the body suit and blue/grey for the equipment. I made the 3 eye lenses a glowing green color. Very cool fig and well scuplted.
Well that is all for now.

More Fortress Teasers

Here's the Rest of the pics that i got from Ben over at Fortress Figures, of the latest paint jobs i have done for them.

First up is a pretty nifty fig called a Bogey Robot. With this fig i avoided the urge to just go with some rusted metal colors and tried to stay with some nice bright solid colors.Here we have a maid with an MP5 and a duster of course! Perfect for a zombie survival game i would think.
This fig made me think of a survivalist type so i went with drab colors. She's obviously a very patriotic survivalist as well :) Nice fig though and fun to paint.
Here is a Bounty Hunter in Power armor. It's a nice cleanly sculpted chunky fig and i went with some simple camo on the armor along with black and blue steel for equipment and such. I made the goggles red to make them stand out .
This thing is Huge! When i was working on these Infestor aliens i tried to stick to bone colors as much as possible. This fig was quite an undertaking and took some time to paint. The arms are great and can be glued in either upper or lower positions and are ball and socket joints so you can pose them all over the place. I went with the open claws above as if it is about to tear something apart. I ended up painting the head separately because it was easier to get to all the details that way. Very nice fig BTW would be great for Horror/Sci-Fi games.
Here is a Backbiter. I'm guessing these guys jump on your back and eat their way through to the other side. Well that's what i would have them do. nice fig with some really nasty sharp teeth in it's mouth.
Here we have a little variation on the Big Infestor bug above. You'll notice i used the same colors for them both because of this. Nice little fig.
This fig reminded me of a female action hero type so i went with a leather coat, suede boots and a red jumpsuit. Nice pose very dynamic and i wonder how they were able to cast it in once piece.
Here's your friendly local policeman with his 12 gauge or possibly all that is left of the nearby police force after the zombie outbreak? Nice sculpt and i hope to see more of these made to represent the rest of a police force.
Well that is all for now i will post more stuff as time permits.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

More Fortress Figures Teasers!

I've been able to get some really nice pics from Fortress Figures of some of the latest stuff i have done for them.
First up are some new zombie sculpts one is a guy in a jacket that i think if painted a certain way could be "The Valet" after an unsuccessful combat with the zombies. I painted him differently though because the Valet can't lose a fight can he?
These 2 zombies go together, mother and daughter. Really nice pair of sculpts that actually go "Hand and Hand" :) .

Here is what could be Rasta gang member or a Zombie Fighter, take your pic. Nice fig and i hope Fortress does more of these modern gang type figs
The Sniper Chick is next and this was one of the most fun to paint. I gave her rifle the appearance of an AWM british rifle and some nice blue tinted glasses. I can see this fig on a high rooftop picking targets now...

Here are some SWAT team types these would make a nice unit with the Female as a leader type or one of the other poses could work as well.

Here's one of my Personal favorites "The Valet" I love the action in this fig and it was simple and fun to paint.
Here is one of Ben at Fortress Figures first attempt as an anime style fig. I think the sculpt came out really nice. I tried to use bright colors on this one to get that clean and bright anime look.

There's even more that this coming and i will post pics soon!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sneak Peek Upcoming Fortress Figures stuff...

Here are a bunch of figs i have just finished for Fortress Figures. There are 7 zombies and an Grey Alien. These are really nice figs and have a bunch of Character. The football player and the clown are my personal favorites. The clown has a lot of areas for creative use of as many garish colors as you could ever want to use on a clown :) I tried something a little different with the Grey. Instead of a straight gray Color i went with a sort of greenish/brown/grey from the Reaper master paints (stone triad i believe). I really like the tone of it and plan on using it again for an alien skin tone. Some of the zombies i chose to make quite pale while others i made a dark brown dried out color. The one zombie in the top row farthest to the right has a really horrible mint greenish suit that only a zombie would wear. All in all these were really nice figs that really add a lot to the huge variety of Zombies the Fortress already has out. I always say you can never have too many zombies!

Newly painted Gloire Figs

Here are a few of the new Gloire figs i've been working on for Brigade Games. They are quite fun to paint and in very dynamic poses. I especially like the Highwayman(first pic). I tried to use dark colors for the Highwayman. The rest were pretty sensibly dressed compared to some of the first ones i did for Brigade. This was a nice change of pace and is nice as they will add variety to the line.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

New RAFM Painted stuff

Here are the latest batch of figs i have painted for RAFM. I plan on finishing the rest of the angels and archangels soon. These Elephants and Gashants are new releases. Pretty neat stuff and fun to paint!