Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ok so i have been bitten by the bug to paint these tiny little buggers! My brother was the first one to pick these up and i thought he was crazy until i thought about the possibilities of being able to play with really huge armies and not take years to get them painted. So picked some up from Irregular and the rest is history! I've now got these figs from most of the companies who make them. I also have some of the Picoarmor figs and i know they are 3mm but they are pretty close. I probably won't use them with the other 2mm stuff but they are still very cool all on their own. Anyway here are the first 4 armies i have finished.

What you see here is 2mm Irregular miniatures Republican Romans and Carthaginians based for Warmaster Ancients. A battle group of British Land Ironclads from Brigade models from their War of the Worlds starter set. And Finally a Modern US army groups based for Coldwar Commander made up of Pico armor Modern US Vehicles and US Name era infantry (I used these because i like them standing better than laying down) .