Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sneak Peek Upcoming Fortress Figures stuff...

Here are a bunch of figs i have just finished for Fortress Figures. There are 7 zombies and an Grey Alien. These are really nice figs and have a bunch of Character. The football player and the clown are my personal favorites. The clown has a lot of areas for creative use of as many garish colors as you could ever want to use on a clown :) I tried something a little different with the Grey. Instead of a straight gray Color i went with a sort of greenish/brown/grey from the Reaper master paints (stone triad i believe). I really like the tone of it and plan on using it again for an alien skin tone. Some of the zombies i chose to make quite pale while others i made a dark brown dried out color. The one zombie in the top row farthest to the right has a really horrible mint greenish suit that only a zombie would wear. All in all these were really nice figs that really add a lot to the huge variety of Zombies the Fortress already has out. I always say you can never have too many zombies!

Newly painted Gloire Figs

Here are a few of the new Gloire figs i've been working on for Brigade Games. They are quite fun to paint and in very dynamic poses. I especially like the Highwayman(first pic). I tried to use dark colors for the Highwayman. The rest were pretty sensibly dressed compared to some of the first ones i did for Brigade. This was a nice change of pace and is nice as they will add variety to the line.