Friday, December 15, 2006

The Robocop Project

Robocop was a pretty tough fig to find. Nothing seemed even remotely similar to what he looks like. I found that some parts of this Urban Interdict were similar and figured that they would be a good starting point. I’m no sculptor I can tell you that but I can handle modifications to existing figures pretty well. This was by far the most modified figure I have ever done aside from figures I’ve sculpted from scratch. Here's what the original mini looks like.

First I left the head off as I was going to use a reaper head from their sculpting set of 10 heads. I now have to snip off the base strip as I need him to be standing on his feet. I bend one foot so it is standing and left the other one alone (it looked ok).

Next I snipped away the gun from the left hand as Robocop only has one pistol. I left the remaining fist because I didn’t want to handle sculpting the open hand. I now snipped away at the shoulders of the separate arms as they have armor that is not correct for Robocop. I snipped the shoulders/back down even with the neck so that it would look right also.

Next I modified the right arm so that I was able to get it to point out the way Robocop holds it. I drilled a hole in the neck area of the torso to accommodate the pin on the Reaper head.

Now the fun with the putty begins! I decided to use brown/silver putty because I find it easier to work with that the yellow blue/green stuff. I first sculpt the neck and chin strap areas on the head. Then I add the chest armor plates. After this I added the helmet to the head. Now I re-shape the back/shoulders area with the putty to clean up the mess I made with the snippers and files. Finally I sculpted the shoulder pads on and bulked up the arms a bit.

Painting was fairly simple I first laid down a coat of Blue steel paint on all the armor parts. Next I gave it a was of blue/black ink mixed with future and water. After this I cleaned up all the flat areas with the original blue steel and then highlighted with silver. Next I paint in the black areas and highlight them with dark gray and then gray. I now finish up with coating the fig with matte finish and then dull coat. Finally go back and detail the shiny black areas with a coat of future. I think while it isn’t the best it ain’t bad for a figure I can’t go out and buy in the store!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Victory Force Germans!

I've finally gotten around to painting more of the Victory force stuff i have. Here are a German Officer, Waffen and Some Waffen Snipers. Great Figs with a lot of Character.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Old Glory Pirate of the month

I've Finished painting up my Old Glory Pirate so i figured i would post a pic of him for all to see. He reminded me of someone so i painted him accordingly.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

New stuff for RAFM

here are some of my latest fig paint jobs for RAFM, i think they came out pretty nice if i do say so myself :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Captain Spaulding's Murder ride!

Here's my first post of a miniature to this blog. He's a Modern Day Hero miniature which has been painted to resemble Captain Spaulding. is where the fig came from.

What is the point of this?

I've decided to give up on my old website and start using a blog instead. I figure i can get pics of new figs up here faster and anything else i need to quicker this way. So there it is...