Friday, May 25, 2007

My First Rebelminis Paints

Here are my First Paints of some Rebelminis stuff. Altogether nice stuff and i've been on a bit of a 15mm kick lately so these are helping to quench that for me :)

This is one of their Grav Tanks and i must say it's quite a nice sculpt. I went with a woodland camo scheme and accentuated the edges with some tan to show wear.
These have to be some of the most detailed 15mm i have ever painted! I felt i had to try and give them as much detail as i could even though they were small. Here are the gang member figs.
I went with a subtle color scheme for the spy. black /grey and for the body suit and blue/grey for the equipment. I made the 3 eye lenses a glowing green color. Very cool fig and well scuplted.
Well that is all for now.

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